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A new golden age for building operators!

The main argument now for selling a building is no longer the only technical value, but the durability associated with services and energy performance. The building is then consumed as a service via a subscription plan.

The demand for services from building customers continues to grow. However, very few companies develop a real service offering, most often preferring to delegate it to specialized trades or even to provide the service without qualifying it as such.

This expectation covers a wide spectrum of services, from advice to overall management of the operation (“facility management”). It is expressed in the form of “advice”, a single point of contact, “coordination” between the various trades and the ability to ensure follow-up during and after the end of the work.

It reflects the desire that the services of the building company go beyond the completion of the site and that it relieves the customer of concerns related to the construction, renovation, maintenance, even operation of the building.

Among these operating services offered by the building, we can distinguish user services, but also energy services and those that the customer has always expected but complained of not seeing provided. , such as, for example, waste recovery / management.

Finally, technology at the service of the usage ...

The “Building as a Service” involves an ultra-connected building, equipped with sensors, controllers, PLCs, materials and latest generation equipment to enrich the services with additional functionalities.

You can find the management of lighting, opening or heating, presence detectors. Thus, it becomes possible to determine the occupancy of the meeting rooms.

Even more innovative, the “Web Services” proposal: menu of the company restaurant, public transport timetables, carpooling platform, weather forecast, etc. which would be operated by partner technology companies.

This added value is also found in equipment: innovative and more efficient heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) systems, large numbers of connected objects for monitoring consumption, controlling equipment or even electrical distribution, monitoring and control systems. latest generation access control and possibly energy production systems.

New forms and sources of income.

The builder and the operator can take advantage of this change in expectations to transform the building into a service platform that will be marketed through as a Service offers adapted to the companies that will come to settle there, for the time that they will remain installed there.

Above all, it is then possible to diversify the sources of income beyond the occupants alone, in particular through a commission on the income generated by technological partners who would take advantage of the connectivity of buildings to market their own services.

Selling a building is no longer based solely on technical merit, but also on the sustainability associated with services and energy performance.

This is the opportunity to renew a potentially aging building stock by including in the cost not only the occupant, but an entire ecosystem of businesses interested in marketable services.


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photo auteur emmanuel pasquet


Approx. reading : about 5 min

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