Run your subscription and usage-based business on autopilot

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All-In-One platform to capture, grow and retain recurring revenue wether you monetize through subscription, usage, prepaid or any hybrid and sophisticated recurring business models in the as-a-service economy.

dotsha platform
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dotsha at a glance

All-In-One Monetization and Billing platform made for as-a-service based businesses

Scale your business with unlimited subscription, usage-based, or hybrid models by automating rating, billing, payments and revenues within an integrated end-to-end platform.

  • Create unlimited subscription plans, usage-based, transactional or hybrid models

  • Manage both standard plans and custom Quotes

  • Handle trials and boost conversion

  • Boost sales with flexible discount models

  • Deploy self-serve sales using paywalls that you deploy in-app or that integrates with pricing page
  • Create frictionless customer experience when subscribing or upselling

  • Manage customers lifecycle from sign-up to renewal within a single workspace

  • Increase revenue with upgrades and add-on products seamlessly

  • Adapt your prices depending on multiple criteria and schedule automated price increase
  • Automate the billing of any subscription, usage-based services, add-ons, one-off services whether recurring or not​

  • Handle proration automatically

  • Apply accurate tax rules automatically

  • Manage multiple currencies (+150 currencies)
  • Collect and issue payments through multiple payment channels

  • Automatically collect, trigger or refund payments

  • Retrieve and allocate transactions and payment information in one place
  • Configure business data visualizations with charts and widgets

  • Build individual dashboards and have your relevant information at your fingertips

  • Track your revenue goals with configurable KPI reports and analytics (MRR, ARR, CHURN, ARPU and more…)

dotsha at a glance

Monetization and Billing platform made for the success of every as-a-service based business

Scale your business with unlimited subscription, usage-based, or hybrid models by automating rating, billing, payments and revenues within an integrated end-to-end platform.

How your recurring business goes on autopilot in minutes, not in months, using dotsha ?

Configure pricing, connect CRM / ERP … that’s it ! We take care of everything else

dotsha enrollment

Sign-in Dotsha, build flexible pricing scenarios, configure trials, design plans, test it and deploy it globally in just a few clicks

dotsha monetization

Monetize either online / in-app using our pre-built web components, paywalls and widgets or offline managing custom quotes 

subscription billing and payment automation

Automate billing, user notifications and payment at global scale before tracking real-time Kpis for constant improvement 

Built to power every monetization model from the more simple to the more advanced

Subscription-based with recurring billing

Easily manage subscription plans either standard or customized with full visibility and control throughout the lifecycle (subscribe, upgrade, pause, cancel, renew)

Usage-based with metered billing

Build in minutes flexible usage-based pricing and use our integrated billing logic to aggregate usage data and auto-calculate charges when it is time to bill.

whatever your channel for sales
Quotes & custom sales

Use dotsha on top of your CRM as the CPQ that your sales need to close more deals in less time by automating sales operations

Online self-serve sales

Use dotsha's paywalls and prebuilt widgets to deploy an integrated self-serve sales workflow both in acquisition and upselling.

Channel & Partners

Use dotsha's account hierarchy to automate bookings and orders fullfilment from partners in a central place.

dotsha integrates with your existing stack of applications

A single source of truth for your business

dotsha integrations
We help your business to play at the next level

Scaling globally faster & easier

dotsha helps companies to play global safely from day one by providing everything they need at scale (managing currencies, taxes, languages...)

Accelerating time-to-revenue

dotsha brings everything you need to test and launch in minutes new monetization models or to enter new markets, no matter where

Removing useless costs

dotsha is built for automation allowing your business to grow fast while maintaining processing and operational cost the lowest possible

Securing ops & compliance

We power your revenue, we cannot be average. This is why we have the highest security standard as a DNA. You'll forget we are here.

Success stories

Dotsha helps companies like yours to capture, retain and grow revenue – more on what they achieved below

dotsha brought automation and structuration to our subscription-based business back-end. Pricing configuration is easy and the connection with our CRM helps a lot the billing process as now invoice is created straight from sales quote.

Zeenea L. Legardeur - CEO

Our business model requires the automation of both recurring and one-time billing as we mix subscription with one-off services. The pricing engine of dotsha supports every configuration of pricing and the maintenance of all this is very easy.

Webpulser Q. Tousart - CEO

Expensive customer acquisition with complex subscription management process was preventing an easy conversion process from free to paid. Dotsha helped us to reduce acquisition cost thanks to online user check-in and billing automation.

Authentic Blockchain T. Arnaly - CEO

Manually reconciling data between payment gateway and accounting was a full-time job and prone to human errors and revenue leakage. Dotsha removed most of the pain point we were facing with usage-based billing

IzzyMobility A. Gabay - C.E.O

We automated our subscription management process, including billing and accepting payments, with a huge decrease in the effort involved in managing renewals and upsell. Dotshers are very supportive and knowledgeable too.

Mpowered O.J. Grubber - CFO

Before dosha we were doing 80% of our invoices by hand due to the flexibility of our usage-based pricing. Our subscription management was depending on spreadsheet. Dotsha brings us a lot of efficiency and consistency.

Kemeo S. Blochet - C.E.O
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