Catalog and Pricing

All products, plans and price rules in one place keeps business in control

Now Invoices fit with your Pricing. So, unleash your pricing power! Build flexible pricing as well as attractive upselling or retention scenario to grow and differenciate your business from competition without requiring half an army to manage it. 

Pricing kills or releases

No matter how good or bad your solutions are, if you don’t have the right pricing to offer, your are not going to sell !

Stop "one-size-fits-all" pricing that limits your potential

Offer to your customers the pricing flexibility that they require. Create unlimited subscription-based, usage-based or hybrid models and launch them on the market instantly.

dotsha catalog and pricing
Pick one option or go for a mix of each, we will manage anyway

Fixed pricing

Flat fee and per unit

Tiered pricing

Volume, Quantities

Usage-based pricing

From consumptions


Bucket of services

Lifecycle for plans

Monitor pricing and plans lifecycle with ease

Capture and retain more customers by offering to them multiple way to susbcribe, upsell, renew. Make it simple and flexible by giving them the possibility to choose between self-service or custom quotes at every stage of their journey.

Remove the complexity that prevent you from being global on day one

Total addressable market is no more a target, it becomes your reality as you manage safely your business offering region by region with the guarantee to be compliant and consistent globally.


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