Streamline the Quote to Cash process and grow on autopilot

A complete solution that unifies Sales and Finance. Shorten the sales cycles as well as the revenue booking process from a single source of truth that remove errors and double tasking.

Quote to cash
Synchronize Sales and Finance effortlessly

Forget complex processes or bespoke developments to make a simple workflow like having a quotation becoming a paid invoice a reality for your business

36 %

Sales Reps spend less than 36% of their time selling

Quoting deals for subscription and usage-based contracts in minutes, not hours

Stop spending hours trying to put squares into circles when quoting deals  because your CPQ does not handle subscription and usage-based business specificities! Instead, provide in minutes accurate and clear proposals to your customers with the right pricing, plan duration and renewal terms and conditions.

Quotes subscription
Makes your teams and customers life easier

Simplify configuration and acceptance

Build clear and transparent proposals

Build trust that ease future sales

A single source of truth for Sales and Finance

Sales quotes acceptance

Close deals either manually or using electronic signature, both works fine

You may decide to keep the old way of collecting acceptance by email or you may decide to include e-signature for a seamless and digitized process of quotes acceptance. Once the quote is ready, your customer is notified. Then, he can accept and sign the quote instantly in a single and simple workflow.

Keep billing aligned with sales

Customer's acceptance convert Quotes into Plans and Invoices

No need anymore for meetings where Finance and Sales synchronize the order bank before Finance rekeying quotes into the billing system. No waste of time and delays in issueing invoices that match perfectly with sales quotes. Everything is now simple and reliable. Each team can focus on much more valuable tasks.

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Synchronize quotes with your favorite CRM and tools

No scattered data, no double tasking, no loss of data. Keep a total control on the entire booking to billing process.

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