Gain complete control of your customers lifecycle plans at scale

Do more with less. No need to be there on the right day, at the right minute in order to upgrade, downgrade or simply issue an invoice on time for your customers. In minutes,  your recurring billing runs on autopilot.

Subscription management
Use dotsha to automate what makes no value to your customers

Manage complete subscription lifecycle with little effort

Seamlessly manage subscriptions at scale and reduce manual processes through advanced automation of subscriber lifecycle management. Update and modify plans, prices and terms at any stage or get the changes automated from paywalls and quotes.

Subscription management

Be flexible, boost lifetime value

Combine one-time, recurring and usage-based items in a same subscription plan

Design any type of pricing options into smart and evolutive subscriptions plans. Offer flexible billing intervals to match customers needs in order to retain them longer. Whatever the complexity of your monetization strategy, we keep easy to follow-up. 

Stop spreadsheet management

Stop doing follow-up and updating spreadsheets manually, subscription means real-time

No more need for you to make pricing changes, to follow-up on billing and renewal dates, to add options and new products into spreadsheets. Remove the workload and the risk related to custom files and tools that don't adapt as your business grow.

usage based billing

Usage-based billing lifecycle has never been so easy to manage

Transforming raw usage data into billable usage data is made easy and reliable. Our rating engine can collect and process all types of usage data. Define meters either to sum all usage over a time period, to take the last value received or to calculate the maximum value received over a given time interval; it all works fine.

Upsell, upgrade, downgrade, cancel plans in a wink

Make your business life easier. Dotsha automatically manages upgrades, downgrades, terminates and calculates prorated charges when needed.

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