Make things easier for your customers and offer them a greater experience

Let your customers serve themselves by providing a secured portal to them. Save time and give your customers the ability to download documents, update payment details or manage their account in total autonomy.

Give your customers a feeling of control

Optimize their experiences with a self-service portal where they will find everything they need and more…

Offer a secured portal to your customers

Give your customer the possibility to update, upgrade, remove personal information by themselves. Keep compliant with GDPR requirements. Give access to billing history where customers can donwnload invoices or credit-notes.

Selfcare portal dotsha

Poor service
is the TOP 1 reason why customers leave

Source :  Forrester Research

Customizable selfcare

Customizable portal that integrates with your app

Selfcare portal is not only secured, it is easily customizable too. Standard HTML, CSS and API will give everything they need to your developers to design a portal that fits both with your brand and business requirements.

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