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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a key metric that measures business performance for SaaS providers. CLV measures the total monetary value of a customer over their lifetime as a SaaS solution subscriber.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), is a key metric that helps evaluate the performance of SaaS companies and allows business managers to understand how much revenue and income they can expect from each customer.

SaaS companies often use free trials as a marketing tool to attract new customers. However, it is important to ask yourself whether free trials are really profitable for businesses.

FREEMIUM is the mix of the words FREE and PREMIUM and refers to an economic model and a pricing strategy that combines both free and paid elements.

Here we are sharing a list of 12 practical strategies to help you focus on lowering the churn rate...

CAC is crucial for every business, but its analysis is even more vital for “as-a-service” solution...

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