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Pricing is based on your total revenue

Your first $100K are free


For business with an ambitious plan to grow faster through product-led sales motion.

0.5% of revenue

Your first $100K revenue are free; billing starts after reaching $100K

Everything you need to succeed

  • Build and deploy product-led sales funnels in minutes
  • Combine self-serve sales with custom sales quotes
  • Automate the complete revenue lifecycle
  • Ease your work through CRM/ERP synchronization
  • Take informed decision using real time KPIs

Support and platform

  • 9-5 Community support
  • 10 users included
  • Webhooks and API


  • Additional users
    Add-on ($10/mo/user)
  • Custom domain
    Add-on ($10/mo)
  • White label
    Add-on ($10/mo)
  • Customer self-care portal
    Add-on ($10/mo)
  • Extended invoices keeping period
    Add-on (vol. based)


For leading companies and global organization with revenue exceeding $10M, global markets or bespoke requirements.

Pricing, Support …

Get a tailor quote that fit to your global reach.

  • Unlimited users
  • Premium support
  • Slack private channel
  • Salesforce integration
  • Net Suite integration

Frequently asked questions

The total value excluding taxes of invoices generated with Dotsha, credit-notes deducted. It includes both recurring, non-recurring and usage-based revenue depending on your business model.

Once live, Dotsha is offering a $100K credit to every new customer. As long as your business has not reach $100K, you can use the application for free.

Thereafter, your business will be charged monthly based on  0.5% on the total revenue of the month.

Our pricing follows a pay-as-you-go approach. The subscription fee is charged monthly end of period by default based on the revenue of the month. You may decide to pay the amount on a quaterly basis. In case of a quaterly billing period, Dotsha is charging an extra fee on top of the regular price.

Yes! Dotsha offers a free sandbox to every business that register to the platform. You can use the free sandbox for 30 days. Once ready to go live, we help you to go through a very straight forward and automated go-live process. At this stage, you will be asked to confirm what data you want to keep and migrate from sandbox to production.

The sandbox remains available in parallel of production as long as you are a customer.