Monetization and billing plaftorm used by the business but made for developers

Easily build the scalable management infrastructure that your business leaders need to generate growth and profits from highly automated revenue operations.

Why Dotsha's platform ?

Granular, Scalable, Connected, Secured
We do everything with developers in mind


Design and deploy custom infrastructure in minutes not months

Pre-built widgets

Apps, Paywalls and Pre-built business logic awaiting integration

Constant release

Cloud-based fast improving platform but always battle-tested


Compliance with highest security standards and practices

You can either decide to take the whole platform as a “All-In-One Business-ready solution” or you can choose to integrate it piece by piece with your existing stack of applications using APIs, native connectors, pre-built web components and our extended toolkit ! Whatever your strategy, it will all works fine !

Valentin – Chief Technology Officer @Dotsha

Dotsha provides native integrations with dozens of business applications

Connect CRMs, ERPs, Cash management, Financing, CSMs and many more… in a few clicks

Made for developers

Design customized business logic using our powerful and easy-to-use APIs and webhooks

dotsha provides both native integrations and HTTP based API which follows the essence of REST. Refer to our documentation for a detailed definition & description of all the components in dotsha’s platform.

APIs for every stack

We offer robust, documented and supported libraries in every tech stack from JS, REACT to PHP, .NET, iOS and more ...

Pre-Built integrations

Use integrations for systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Quickbooks, Pennylane, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, Slack and more ...

API dotsha for developers

Dotsha is available on the best low-code platforms to help you deploying customized workflow from Dotsha’s webhooks

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  • Synchronize and update multiple systems from Dotsha’s data
  • Customized workflows with CRMs, ERPs and more with no limits
  • Develop and deploy alerting workflows
  • Extract data from Dotsha to fullfill analytic or data platform

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