Why you should optimize your subscription-to-cash process and why now ?

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Recurring income ensures long-term profitability.

Whether you are just starting out with recurring business models or have already implemented a subscription-based service offering strategy, you know the importance of recurring monthly revenues to a company’s long-term profitability.

In this article, we’ll walk you through what you need to get started accepting recurring payments and how you can set up recurring payments with a dedicated recurring billing management app.

Recurring payments are automatic payments that are collected from your customers on a specific due date, at regular intervals, for example, every month or quarter. 

From the customer’s perspective, recurring payments are quick and convenient. It’s one less bill they need to worry about, among many others. From a business perspective, recurring payments have a host of benefits:

What you need to start accepting recurring payments ...

Accepting recurring payments involves two major aspects:

It is possible to accept recurring payments with only one payment operator (such as your bank for example), provided that you have a correctly configured invoicing engine on your side because you must clearly indicate to your payment operator which amount to invoice and when. This is exactly the role of Dotsha.

This is all the more necessary as every time you add or modify your solutions offering or your prices, it means that someone (or something) has to tell the payment operators which payments to take and when in order to take into account:

Without a management solution dedicated to recurring invoicing, it quickly becomes complex to navigate. In particular, when you are on the path to hyper growth, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with what needs to be paid for as your products, services, customers and prices change. 

Recurring billing management solutions such as recurseeve thus provide you with great assistance on this point.

While accepting payments is a business necessity, remember it is also an opportunity to provide a good payment experience to your customers and build trust.

Let's take a look at some essentials to start accepting recurring payments.

For a performance management of your recurring invoicing, you essentially need two tools: 

A subscription-to-cash application

As your business grows, your recurring payments require more sophistication, such as customized billing with add-ons and coupons, customized reports, and email notifications.

Good recurring billing software allows your business to dynamically manage all this flexibility while providing simplification and automation to deliver a smooth and enjoyable subscription experience to your customers and future subscribers.

An integrated payment gateway

A payment gateway is a connection between a merchant’s website or mobile app and the bank. Payment gateways encrypt sensitive card data and ensure it is transmitted securely from the customer to the bank, through the merchant. 

How do I choose the right subscription-to-cash platform?

It all depends on your needs: 

Here is a checklist of the main features needed

In our opinion, a recurring billing solution should meet the capacity requirements below:

Configure and accept recurring payments!

Dotsha’s platform lets you set up subscription/usage-based plans and accept recurring payments in no time. This is how you can:

98% of the users have fully adopted our platform within the first 6 weeks of work!

dotsha’s subscription management platform

And there you go!

You are ready to implement a platform to manage recurring payments in your business. To learn more about Dotsha and to understand into more details how we can help you, please feel free to contact our customer support team and request a product demo.

About dotsha

Dotsha delivers the first subscription-to-cash automation platform designed to put every subscription-based or usage-based business on autopilot … from early subscription to cash collection!  

Your business can scale fast without turning its back-office into a mess! 

Keep growing faster… we’ve got your back !

All-In-One platform that unify {Pricing}+{Check-in}+{Billing}+{Payments}+{Dunning}+{Reporting} while the MRR just keeps growing, Dotsha’s plaform is an easy to use and quickly implemented cloud-based platform that augment your existing information system with robust API integrations in order to deliver optimal automation with minimal code. You will forget we are there!

photo auteur emmanuel pasquet


Approx. reading : about 5 min

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