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of your anticipated revenue per year

+0.5% on overage revenue if any

How does it apply ?
ACME corp estimated $2M annual spend and achieved $2.1M. The total cost for ACME corp is 0.5% on $2M + 0.5% on the overage revenue of $100K.
Total : $10 500 for the year

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FREE for start-up below $100K/year

+0.95% on overage revenue

How does it apply ?
ACME corp signed-up for starter plan but eventually achieved $150K. The total cost for ACME corp will be 0.95% on the overage revenue of $50K above $100K.
Total : $475 for the year


for enterprise needs or because your business requires a custom package

How does it apply ? Available for large groups, global organizations with diversified revenue streams or for fast growing businesses with unique and innovative business models.

Frequently asked questions

The total value excluding taxes of invoices generated with Dotsha, excluding credit-notes. It includes both recurring, non-recurring and usage-based revenue depending on your business model.

Because dotsha is powering your monetization and billing engine, we price the same way an energy supplier does. Your business subscribe for fueling a yearly amount of revenue and in case your business achieve more, then an extra commission (overage) is applied on the exceeding revenue.

Example : 

ACME Corp estimates an annual revenue of $2M on which we apply 0.5%. It represents a $10K subscription fee. Eventually, ACME corp achieve $2.1M revenue. Dotsha applies an extra 0.65% on the overage revenue of $100K that represents $650 for a total of  $10 650 for the year.

The subscription fee is charged yearly by default. You may decide to pay the amount on a monthly basis. In case of a monthly billing period, Dotsha is charging an extra 12% fee on top of the yearly price.

The overage is a one-time fee that is charged once a year at the anniversary of the subscription depending on the total revenue generated in the past year.

Yes, you can change your estimated annual revenue at every anniversary.