Real-Time KPIs help taking smarter decisions

Easily track subscription analytics and measure your as-a-service based business performance from on unified and reliable data source. 

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Comprehensive analytics for decision-makers

Get accurate real-time analytics straight from the reality of your recurring and non-recurring billing and share insights across the business using customizable dashboards.

Get business visibility from subscription analytics

Track MRR, CHURN, ARPU and combine the dozens of metrics, KPIS and available analytics in a dashboard that you can customize according to your needs. Simplify the work of your revenue operations team and take better decisions based on reliable business reports.

Kpis subscription
Stop tracking and updating figures into spreasheets

Simplify reporting to COMEX & investors

Reliable numbers means new ideas

Identify your best customers, plans etc...

No more scattered data sources

Best practices and insights.
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