Billing automation savings

As easy as 1,2,3 automate recurring and usage-based billing at scale

Focus on your business, your customers and your growth. Dotsha schedules and automates your recurring and usage-based billing whatever the complexity and flexibility of your pricing.

Streamline operations and scale safely

Automate the billing of any subscription, usage-based services, add-ons, one-off services whether recurring or not as you scale locally and abroad

Billing is accurate and reliable ... without your team continuously checking or updating

Built for the challenges of recurring billing, usage rating and e-invoicing, scale your finance operation with reliable billing automation even for the most complex billing scenario, in any region, currency or language.

while still managing manual invoices and credit-notes when relevant.

Invoicing subscription and usage
Stop tracking and updating terms manually in spreadsheets

No more terms missed or forgotten

No more revenue leakage

No more customers disputes due to errors

No more scattered data sources

Managing credit notes

Manage charges and credit-notes with ease

Adjust invoicing with charges and credits when required. Create custom charges and credits either on a dedicated document or included in the next invoice.

Go global safely, we handle tax management and currencies for you

Our billing engine provides you with the certainty that your invoices will comply with local regulations. No need for you to take care of taxes, Dotsha automatically determines the appropriate local VAT rate before doing calculation accordingly.

Tax compliance subscription

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