Communication templating

Templatize and automate messaging to save hours daily

Stop wasting time and energy with low value tasks such as sending emails and reminders to customers manually.  Create templates that will automate messaging and keep effortlessly your business compliant with regards to customer information.

Compliant and loved effortlessly

Your customers will love to receive clear information proactively while you will keep your business compliant

Configure and enable email templates that save time and problems

There is a template for every type of message you may need as a subscription of usage-based business. Customize them at your colors and start messaging your customers in their language.

email templates
Notification workflow

Communication lifecycle keeps users engaged and your business compliant

Keep customer communications going through the subscription lifecycle using customizable email templates and automated delivery. Keep your business compliant with regulation by informing proactively  your customer as relevant.

Customer information should be taken seriously. We tell you why and how automation may avoid you problems and fines

Schedule reminders

Schedule automated reminders based on customizable sequences

Whether it’s to follow up on an outstanding payment or to proactively inform a customer about its renewal, you will no longer have to worry about sending emails by yourself.

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