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Streamline recurring and usage-based monetization from quote to cash

Set up your pricing rules in minutes and let Dotsha automate recurring or usage-based billing logic. Focus on growing your SaaS business, while Dotsha takes care of everything else, from quote to cash.

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What do we have to offer ?
Solutions that were only available to large groups

Sales at global scale

Multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-language sales via Custom Quotes or Paywalls

Process automation

Subscriptions, Quotes, Invoicing, Payment, Emails, Reminders and more...

Integrations and APIs

Build and deploy custom infrastructure simply and quickly

Security, Scalability

Platform subject to the highest security standards and practices

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Stop "one-size-fits-all" pricing that limits your revenue acquisition

Offer to your customers the pricing flexibility that they require. Create unlimited subscription-based, usage-based or hybrid models and launch them on the market instantly.

Billing is accurate and reliable ... and you do not need to be checking it and updating it

Built for the challenges of recurring billing, usage rating and e-invoicing, scale your finance operation with reliable billing automation even for the most complex billing scenario, in any region, currency or language.

while still managing manual invoices and credit-notes when relevant.

Invoicing subscription and usage
Lifecycle for plans

Monitor pricing and plans lifecycle easily

Attract and retain more customers by offering them multiple ways to susbcribe, upsell, renew. Make it simple and flexible by giving them the possibility to choose between self-service or custom quotes at every stage of their journey.

Offer multiple payment methods and remove barriers to scale

Offer global and multiple payments options to fit your customers’ requirements, wherever they are.  Go global safely by offering a customizable and PCI-Compliant checkout.

Multiple payment methods
Notification workflow

Communication lifecycle keeps users engaged and your business compliant

Keep customer communications going through the subscription lifecycle using customizable email templates and automated delivery. Keep your business compliant with regulation by informing proactively  your customer as relevant.

Selfcare portal dotsha

Offer a secured portal to your customers

Give your customer the possibility to update, upgrade, remove personal information by themselves. Keep compliant with GDPR requirements. Give access to billing history where customers can donwnload invoices or credit-notes.

Get business visibility from subscription analytics

Track MRR, CHURN, ARPU and combine the dozens of metrics, KPIS and available analytics in a dashboard that you can customize according to your needs. Simplify the work of your revenue operations team and take better decisions based on reliable business reports.

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Dotsha integrates with your existing stack of applications

A single source of truth for your business

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