DaaS or DESKTOP-as-a-service! Outlook for a bright future in the IT business

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A new era for equipment manufacturers but also for their customers

The subscription is the future of PC and IT.

IT as a service or “DaaS” is now a profitable growth driver in a low-margin IT equipment market that is no longer growing. The increasing technicality and the management of the life cycle of equipment weighs on CIOs and users.

Most companies seek to rethink the management of their IT infrastructure and equipment to reduce costs, facilitate, accelerate and optimize their work and therefore their development.

Thanks to the Cloud, DaaS (IT as a Service) is increasingly establishing itself as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional purchasing / maintenance approaches.

By definition, DaaS allows the company to subscribe from a catalog to a monthly subscription to cover its specific IT needs.

Thanks to DaaS, the company is no longer required to buy software or hardware, but only to pay for its use according to its real needs in terms of creation, storage, exchange as well as use. data related to trades.

By resorting to DaaS and the subscription, the IT department of the company therefore only has to look for the best technology on the market with the most advantageous service / price ratio.

at end, technology is at the service of usage...

Like all “infrastructures” “as-a-Service”, DaaS displays more flexibility, simplicity and efficiency.

But its main advantage is certainly economic.

Indeed, if traditional computing requires heavy hardware investments and expensive installations, DaaS requires only minimal investment. 

All the necessary digital equipment and tools – servers, software, IT and even telephone platforms – are essentially virtualized and can be rented on demand with an all-inclusive subscription.

The self-employed, SMEs and large international groups will therefore pay for what they actually used. They thus benefit from perfectly controlled and transparent costs and limit hidden costs.

As a bonus, they benefit from expert technical support built into the service subscription that relieves them of any updates, backups, and other upgrades to the tools and systems they use.

A real revolution in office computing

Exhausted with the sharp slowdown in the IT equipment market, manufacturers of desktops, printers / copiers or servers are shifting their traditional model of supplying equipment to that of an IT lifecycle operator.

More and more, the subscription is required to boost sales.

Many PCaaS (Computer as a Service) and PRINTaaS (Printing as a Service) type solutions are being developed by manufacturers.

The principle is to relieve the customer of all the complexity associated with the installation, deployment, maintenance, updating and renewal of the equipment fleet. There are additional and optional services such as (among others) automated backup with guaranteed recovery of activity, the virtual office for PCaaS solutions or the flat-rate supply of consumables as part of the PRINTaaS offers subscribed to in the subscription.

A central place is also given to repair as a priority to replacement in order to ensure greater longevity of equipment and at the same time reduce costs for customers and the impact on the environment.

The market favors these types of subscription offers which are growing while the market is stagnant.

The latest ICS / DELOITTE studies show that nearly 30% of the global IT fleet could have switched to “as-a-Service” mode by subscription by 2025 to reach 550 billion dollars in revenue.

Benefits that are potentially huge in this market

Hardware manufacturers have a vested interest in developing these “as-a-Service” subscription offerings.

They provide a source of profitable growth over the long term, allow them to break away from the logic of price comparison, to acquire an intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs and consequently to develop greater loyalty.

These formulas are also the means of integrating more added value into the product portfolio and thus organizing a step-by-step move upmarket that is acceptable from a price point of view by the customer.

This new approach also enhances the brand image of the company, which positions itself in the context of a circular economy that consumes less resources, pollutes less, generates less waste at the same time as promoting the creation of local jobs for local people. repair and maintenance services for machine parks.

The manufacturer’s as a Service offering allows it to rely on a community of strongly committed users who share these values, which guarantees long-term customer loyalty and an average revenue per user above the market average.

photo auteur emmanuel pasquet


Approx. reading : about 8 min

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